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Help? from a newbie here at The Digital Press

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  • Help? from a newbie here at The Digital Press

    Hi Everyone, My name is Erin and I am new here but not new to digital scrapbooking. I have spent the past few days going thru the gallery and store. (love all the inspiration here)
    I made my first purchase this morning and paid by gift card. I ordered 2 kits. I got 2 emails immediately saying that each order was processed but only received 1 download key. Therefore I was able to download 1 of the kits but havent been able to download the other. I have sent an email thru the contact us & to the sales and havent heard anything back. I am just wondering how long this process would take to get resolved or is there another place to contact someone? I was super excited to play with the kit!!! Thanks in advance

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    I'm sure someone will get back to you very soon. Thank you for letting us know.


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      Hi Erin!

      I'm going to go try to find you in our sales database (it should be possible, unless you use a different e-mail address for your forum account and your shop account) to see if I can determine what might be causing the trouble. I'll note really fast that sometimes customers will think they don't have access to all of their products because one of the download link e-mails might get filtered into a SPAM folder/etc... but you can always log into your shop account at TDP, click the "My Account" link at the top right corner, and then use the "Order History" tab to pull up all of your orders. Unless there's actually a problem with an order, the download links for all purchased items are always available 24/7 in that manner (which helps in the oddball cases that a download link e-mail gets hijacked on its way to your account).

      Hope this helps! Meanwhile, I'll try to check your account to see what I can find.
      ~ Laura ~


      • Laura Passage
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        ---I found you in the system (yay for small victories! haha). It turns out that you bought a cloned copy of a collaboration item between two designers. Blah blah skip all of the technical stuff... this basically means that the designers made a 'copy' of the item so it would display in each of their storefronts here at TDP (as each designer has her own area of the main store). Looks like there was an oopsie with not attaching the downloads properly to the 2nd copy. I have contacted the designer, and asked her to fix it and contact you directly ASAP. She's pretty awesome and is usually on top of things, so I am sure she will get you all taken care of as soon as she wakes up to this message tomorrow.

      • Erin8776
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        Thank you so much!!! I will admit I was getting a tad frustrated (as I was excited to start playing and making layouts here). I did check my acct history and there was no "download" under the kit like there is with the other!!! I really appreciate the help

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      Welcome to The Digital Press Erin!
      ---------- WENDY ----------