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How do you store/organize your digital kits?

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  • How do you store/organize your digital kits?

    I thought for sure someone would have asked this question already, but I couldn't find anything when I searched, so I'll ask it! How does everyone store their digital kits/papers/elements/all the things? Right now I'm just keeping a folder on my desktop with sub-folders by TDP designer, and then sub-sub-folders by kit/collection name. As soon as I can afford to buy a full year of Dropbox subscription (and more space) I'll probably move my kits to Dropbox. What are some other ways you all store your kits. I've only been using kits since February and feel like I have a TON, but you all that have been doing this for years have probably got terabytes or gigabytes or petabytes worth of kits you are storing somewhere.....tell me where!

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    I just filled up my second ehd, but had already started on my third (making sure that I had photos backed up). I was actually surprised at how long it took to fill up a terabite of space with scrapping kits.

    I sort mine by store/designer/kit, and at this point I would probably be pretty lost if I did it any other way.



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      I store mine pretty much the same way Hillary does, by store/kit with a few designer folders. I also keep separate folders (at the same level as my store folder) for designers that I CT for.

      And that was a good plug for backing up, Hillary. I do back up, but my backup got full last year and I ended up losing about two months worth of pages and kits about this time last year.


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        Does anyone use a online backup service? Ever since my mom's house burned down in Feb. this year it has me rethinking just using ehd's for my backup. They'd all be lost if something like a fire occurred.


        • tiffany scraps
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          Hillary and g8rbeckie what google plan did you go with the 100 GB or the 200 GB? Or did you go even bigger?

        • g8rbeckie
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          I have the 200 GB plan, and currently we have 150GB used across our family plan. you can start smaller and they will let you know when you're starting to get full!

        • gwany1999
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          I use backblaze and really like it. I've had to have my files dowloaded after an EHD crashed and it was easy.

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        I store my kits by designer usually like I started to do when I was a CT. I am still on 2 CTs so I kept that system to be able to search things easily, and write the credits too of course.

        Things I am not a CT on I just store whether it was freebies or purchases. I also hoard a lot of templates so I do have a folder for templates but I always keep them in their original folder and make collections in Adobe Bridge so that I can look through it more easily.

        I am a back up freak because of 1 disaster and also a HD burn out. I save the zips on DVDs, I upload my iPhones photos to DB and Media Fire but I clean up DB from time to time because I use it for scrap mainly. I save my uploaded photos to my computer and all this is also automatically uploaded to my Crash Plan server. It got more expensive last year but I am just too scared to stop and try something else, also it would be a pain in the butt to upload again terabits of photos and scrap.

        Anyway, I just consider external HD as "consumables", a temporary mean to back up because they can crash any time, that's why I have a data back up service too on top of my DVDs.

        I hope you find the way that best fits your needs.


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          I've always used a NAS - it's one box that contains two 1 TB HDs that automatically create a mirror copy of each other. So if one of the drives goes down, the other is still there. I always felt like that was safe...until we had a minor flood in our home - very unexpectedly due to a plumbing issue. The case of the NAS got wet and for 1 horrible month I thought both drives were ruined. Luckily we could still get to the data, and I asked my hubby to make the time to copy all 10 years of photos off the NAS into google photos so we had a safer cloud-based storage! I do use backblaze also - this is how I backup my scrapbook kits, .psd files I'm not finished with yet, and all other types of data on our computers.


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            I use an external hard drive that is about 2TB that is attached to my Macbook Pro. I never store the files directly on my computer as the files eat up a lot of space.
            I also have a Dropbox account that holds 1TB. Dropbox is awesome!
            ---------- WENDY ----------


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              We have a NAS but also store a back up on the cloud, which is set to auto-save daily or weekly (I think! I hope! ). I find it worrying, it is hard to believe that something precious to me is safely stored somewhere out there, but my hubby assured me it is, and he is usually right!


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                I store my kits on my computer, and dropbox, and 2 EHDs. I lost a laptop (well, it died) when we first got married and lost important pics - so I'm a bit obsessive about making sure it's ALL saved in MULTIPLE places. I organize by designer, than kit. But I do have a few random folders for blog hops & freebies.


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                  I use an EHD and I subscribe to backblaze and have it all backed up from there.


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                    For organizing, are you talking about files?
                    Templates - by number of photo or theme
                    Kits - by Themes.

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                      Wow, Jennifer, that's so organised!!

                      Mine is on an EHD, store > designer > kit. I keep store collabs in a separate folder.

                      tiffany scraps - Tiffany, I use Carbonite for my backups (used to be Mozy, but there were bought out or merged with Carbonite).


                      • gwany1999
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                        I've always felt that if it's by designer I wouldn't remember what's there! I still don't this way either! LOL

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                      Also, for those following this thread and debating for signing up for a Dropbox account...
                      I received an email for my current 1TB Dropbox that is updating to 2TB and the price is only a couple of $ more at $11 per month.
                      Great news for those of us storing our files!!
                      Hi WENDY,

                      Dropbox Plus just got an upgrade. And a new price—starting on July 1, 2019, Dropbox Plus will be $11.99 a month (plus any applicable taxes).

                      The all-new Plus plan is packed with top-requested features. Now you’ll have:
                      • Double your storage—save everything with 2 TB (2,000 GB).
                      • World-class sync technology—move out-of-date files off your computer’s hard drive and to the cloud with Dropbox Smart Sync.
                      • Dropbox Rewind—roll back accidental changes to any folder, or your entire account, up to 30 days.

                      This is all for just $2.00 more a month. Or you can always save by switching from monthly to yearly billing.
                      ---------- WENDY ----------