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dHelp me find what class a kit was in

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  • dHelp me find what class a kit was in

    I just realized that some downloads I had unzipping on my Mac have frozen. I'm pretty sure they were part of a class, but I have no idea what one. The kit is Prism. Does anyone know what class that might be from so I can get to it and try to download the kit again? Thanks.

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    Laura Passage

    I don't know of classes that were offered, but maybe the boss lady can help.


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      Ok, thank you. I don't think it was a class by Digital Press.


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        I think it was a kit by The Digital Press designers for a class at Scrapaneers - Digital Scrapbooking for Beginners. Hope that helps


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          ^ what Jan said

          My memory is that when we first opened The Digital Press, we did a collaboration kit for Scrapaneers and it was called Prism. It was never a kit that we carried/offered here at the site, so I honestly never "saw" it other than to see the preview (i.e. I never had a copy, even! haha)... but I think Jan's right and it was used for their main/beginner scrapbooking class. I have no idea if it's still offered... but maybe?
          ~ Laura ~