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Cutting machine Silhouette - Magnet paper

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  • Cutting machine Silhouette - Magnet paper

    Hello everbody,

    I know that some of you have a cutting machine Silhouette Portrait or Cameo.

    I have also a Silhouette Portrait 2. And now, I would like to use printable magnet paper with it. I saw that Silhouette has their own magnet paper, but the price is really expensive. Around 13 $ for only 4 sheets.

    I saw on Amazon that there are a lot of magnet papers from different brands.

    Has someone already used another paper for her Silhouette ? And which brand does you already have used ?

    I don't want to buy a paper that could damage my Silhouette.

    Thanks everybody. ;-)


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    I've got a Silhouette that I use all the time and I don't think I've ever used official Silhouette paper...I just use whatever is cheapest or whatever I can find where I live. I don't even use their cutting mat - I use a Cricut mat because I can get that local. I've used off brand printable tattoo paper, magnet paper, sticker paper, shrink plastic, etc. I've never had a problem.
    --- KATE ---


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      I'll agree with Kate, that I rarely use "silhouette" brand anything. Many of the things I've cut- also had reviews posted that they worked on the silhouette or other cutting machines. Maybe check the amazon reviews! :D


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        Thanks girls, I will check on Amazon for some papers. ;-)