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    I didn't know where to post this suggestion, so I put it here.

    I would like to see family kits that relate to alternate families. I have a daughter that is gay, and she and her partner has two kids. I haven't seen any kits that have embellishments that show two females or two males as parents.

    Also, would like to see kits relating to gay marriages.

    I think these are two areas that no one, either either digitally or physical products, have made products for.

    I also have a grand-daughter dealing with gender issues that she would like to scrap, but can't find any remade digital or physical products available. Almost everything she & I use, we have to create ourselves from scratch.

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    I hope someone can help you with this Dragonhome. In the meantime, I think art journaling kits would be great for your grand-daughter. Here is our category for art journaling in the shop: I just realized when looking at it that we are quite low on products in this category!!


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      I know isn’t quite what you were asking for, but Laura Passage has a kit that sprang to mind - Project 2015 - January. It has little wooden figures, male and female, I don’t know if it would be useful!