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  • Moving Layout into albums

    I want to put all my layouts into albums, but doing them 1 at a time is taking a long time.

    Under my "Manage Photos", I mark the pages I want to move and click submit and get an error message "You do not have permission for this operation.".

    Also, I accidentally move the same layout into an album twice, and when I try to delete it, after clicking submit, I set the same error message.
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    Hillary orLaura Passage
    can you help our friend ?


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      I saw this earlier this morning, but I have never used the Album function of our gallery before. I created an album for myself, but the only way that I can figure out how to add to my album is to just edit the layout once I have it uploaded/or when I am uploading a layout.

      I tried to use the "manage photos" feature, but I can't figure it out. I apologize. I do know that a few of our CTMs use the Album feature, perhaps they will have a better idea of how to help you.

      corrin AmieN1 caliten


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        Hmmm, that is a really good question! I didn't even know about that "Manage your photos" thing, but I just tried it, and I get the same error message as you.

        I have a coupl eof albums, but I tend to upload the photos into the album when I am uploading them into the gallery - so I have never tried to move a bunch once they are already uploaded, and now that I am looking at that, I can't see an easy way to do it. Sorry!

        The deleting of the page you moved twice by mistake - I think I can help you with that. If you go into you album and the click on the page that you want to delete from the album, there are "User options" on the right (under your profile picture) and one is to "Edit Photo". Click that and then scroll to the bottom of the box, where the last option is a tick box to delete the image completely. If you tick that box, and then click "submit changes" it will remove that image from that album (but it will still be in your general/main gallery). Does that make sense? Or is that what you were tryig to do already?!

        Sorry I can't be more helpful about moving a bunch of images, maybe someone else will be able to help with that. It is such a good idea to organise the photos, I'm just not sure how to do it quickly once they are already in the gallery.


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          I'm like Corrin & usually just upload to my albums in the first place- BUT I did just try to move a photo to one of my albums & was able to do it. The best way I think is when you edit your layout- there's a drop down to copy it to another gallery- at the very bottom are your albums (if you've created any) & you can copy to the album. The layout will still show up under your main gallery- but also in your album. But that would be one at a time. Does that make sense?
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