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  • hello! and gallery help...

    Hi everyone! I'm totally new here. I digi scrapped for several years (2009 - 20012 ish), then I got so busy traveling for work and trying to be present with my kiddos that I had to put it aside. Anyhow, about 2 months ago I picked back up again! I only recently learned that there are FB groups for digi scrappers and right after I joined I saw a LO by Anne PC created with Audacity and i loved the LO and the kit! anyhow, I then proceeded to spend $20 on things I HAD TO HAVE (you understand, ladies) and now I'm scrapping away!

    so my question the gallery here auto sharpening LOs? I post on other sites using my same re-size/sharpen action that I tried here and my LOs look really crispy

    just wondering if it's me? either way I think I need to create a separate sharpen/re-size action for TDP so if anyone wants to share settings that would be great!!


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    g8rbeckie hi!

    welcome back to digi scrapping, I hope you are enjoying being back, and you picked the right time to jump back in, I hope you made the most of the current Pennysaver!

    as far as I know, the gallery here doesn't autosharpen. I don't do anything fancy with my LOs, I just flatten them, resize to 900x900 and then "SAVE FOR WEB" at as close to 350kb (not more than 350kb) as I can get. There is a Tutorial on the blog about saving for web - here -

    Does that ansewr your question? If not, just yelp again, and some more helpers will swing by!


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      Yes thank you! I'll check out the "accentuation" option, I haven't tried that one before. everything else is pretty much how I already do it!

      i totally KILLED it in the penny saver sale Now I'm going through the rest of the store making up my wish list!


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        oh well done you, already had it sorted!