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Need help with my Tracking Thread!

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  • Need help with my Tracking Thread!

    Maybe someone can help me figure out when I copy and paste the link for each of my challenges they are never "Clickable" like the rest of peoples. I believe I am following the instructions by clicking on the number in the top right corner and then copying the info. Then I go to edit my post in the tracking thread and paste it there.

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    I think it’s because the syntax letting the program know it’s a link is missing. There are at least two ways to get this to work correctly: 1) add without the spaces [ u r l ] before your link and then [ / u r l ] after the end of it in your post or 2) after you’ve copied your link, go back to your challenge thread, click on edit, highlight the text you want to hyperlink, then click on the button with the A in the upper right corner of your edit screen, paste the url in box that pops up and then click Okay/Save to close out the hyperlink box and Save to close out the edit screen.

    I also think that Katie wrote a tutorial that includes this, so let me see if I can dig it up for you.


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      Thank You Carrie!!!!! I was able to get it to work by adding the URL at the beginning and the end!!