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  • Help with adding photos - Summer Camp

    I have never posted anything in the gallery because I just can't figure out how to load my layouts! But I'd like to try participating in Summer Camp and... I am still stuck! I started a Flickr account and uploaded my Bingo Sheet. So the instruction I see are:
    1. Upload your new image to the photo-sharing option of your choice* (our team mainly uses Flickr, Imgur, and Tinypic, among others). *not the TDP gallery
    2. Start your own post somewhere in this thread, down below. Using the URL (web address) that leads to the link you got from your photo-sharing site... type [ I M G ] (but without spaces)... and then paste in your photo link... and then add [ / I M G ] (again, without the spaces in between each character). When you hit "POST" -- your image will show up where the code was typed in.
    So I did the first step. I then start a reply in the thread but then I get confused... "Using the URL... (I am assuming that I right click on the address that shows up when I am in my Flickr gallery so I can copy it to TDP). But then It says to enter bracket IMG bracket followed by the link followed by bracket /IMG bracket. I have tried this many time and even in different ways but I keep getting that it is an invalid link. OR I end up with a link that just takes me to the Flickr home page.

    I feel dumb but I just can't figure it out. Can anyone help break this down for me or walk me through it?
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    Hi! Don't worry, there are no dumb questions when it comes to this kind of stuff, computers are a language of their own, and it is tricky to figure them out! I am by no means an expert, and ask dumb sounding stuff often!

    I think when when you are copying the address, you need to add the square brackets around the img at the beginning, and around the /img at the end. So it says [i m g] without the spaces but with the square brackets, and again at the end you need it to have the square brackets around the [/ i m g]. Have you already tried that?

    If that isn't working, then Have a go at copying the BB code, I am not at my computer so can only describe what I mean and hope that your Flickr is set up so it looks the same as mine!

    After I have uploaded it to Flickr, there is a curved arrow icon on the bottom right of the black section ( there are 4 icons in a row, an "edit photo" icon, then "share photo" ( and that is the one you want!), then "download photo" and then "enlarge").

    If you click on the "share photo" (looks like a curled arrow) icon it brings up a new window with options to do things, and you want to "share BB Code". It should let you copy a long string of digits and letters, and that is what you want to paste into the comment box at The Digital Press to get the image to show up here.

    It should start with [url= or [img

    Does that make sense? I hope it helps, but if not, I will try to send you a screen grab, or maybe someone else will have a suggestion!
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      Looks like Corrin beat me to it- but I also posted a screenshot from my flikr account on your other thread! Like Corrin said- NO SUCH THING as dumb questions! Everyone was a beginner at some point! :D


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        Corrin and AmieN1 Thank you soooo much!!! Copying the BB code did the trick!
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          Yay, that is good to hear!


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            Thank you, I couldn't get it to work either until I read about the BB code here!