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  • Designer Newsletter and social media links

    I was wondering if there is a place where I can check to see what social media outlets are used by the designers here? For example if they have a FB page, a blog, a newsletter, etc. I want to follow the fabulous designers here and be in the know. Is there a place to check or do I google each designer to find it? Thanks.

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    Hiya Tiffany! This is a great question!

    We've been slowly working on adding this info to the top of each designer's main page in the shop... but we're still at a point where some of them have it, and some of them don't. For instance... if we use my shop as an example... you'll see all of the social media/etc. icons along the top of the page, just under the header image at the top (screenshot here)...

    Again, some of our designers have provided this info and it's coded into the site already... and for others, we're still working on it.

    If you find a designer that doesn't have the info you need up at the top of her shop, you can also look at the bottom of each of her individual product listings, as a few of our designers have that info listed on every one of their product pages (here is an example of that from one of Anita Designs' product listings... note where it says "wanna stay in the loop?")...

    If you can't find the info in either of those places... then shoot me a forum PM and let me know whose info you're looking for, and I'll chase it down and get back to you (and hopefully that will help us get it up at the top of her shop page, in the process, as well! Win-win!).

    Thanks so much for supporting all of the TDP designers!

    ~ Laura ~


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      Fantastic. That will narrow my search.

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    Same for me. My links are in my store.