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    I have a problem with fonts... I LOVE THEM! The problem is, I have no idea how to organize them. Whenever I need a script font or a serif font or a typewriter font, I would love if I could easily look at all my options in a particular category.

    Back in the day, WAY before I was into digiscrapping, I was addicted to fonts too. I made a document in Word with an alphabet for every font I have so that I could easily see what each of them looked like. I printed out the word document and stored it in a binder by the computer. I considered doing this again (actually, I considered bribing my child to help me do this ) but I think there has GOT to be a better way!

    How do you organize your fonts? What about your dingbat fonts (so you can see what dingbats are included)? Because I don't have a good system I seem to use them same handful of fonts that I can remember over and over again... and I know I have some awesome fonts that are getting neglected!

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    Look what I found on TDP's blog!


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      I will check out this tutorial for sure! I kind of have an addiction myself


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        I love fonts too and even though I don't even use 5% of what I grab I can't stop myself from downloading. I have a font viewer program. I think it is still free and it's called Font Xplorer. It allows you to preview the fonts and if you found the one you like you can upload to your program without you Photoshop getting too heavy if you were to install all fonts. Once you close Photoshop of course the font disappear but you can reload when needed. My favorite journal font is Traveling Typewriter by the way


        • GlazeFamily3
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          Thank you! I will definitely look into that. And thank you for enabling with your favorite font!

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        OH thanks so much for this info, I will definitely check it out!


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          Question for anyone who knows. Does my font folder need to be on my computer's hard drive or can I keep my font folder on my external hard drive?


          • Hillary
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            I keep mine on my ehd.

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          I have 2 hard drives. The normal C drive and a D drive where all my scrap stuff is and so are my fonts. BUT, if you want to use them you either need a program that will allow you to upload your fonts to your scrap program/install them while the program is running OR install them on your Windows font folder but if you do that for all your fonts your program will run slow I think.
          At least that is how I understand it.
          Anyway. My fonts are saved on my D drive so I am guessing I can well have them saved on an external drive and pull from there with my Font Xplorer program to use them in Photoshop. But maybe someone will confirm.


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            I will just have to play around with it. I downloaded nexusfont and want to use that but not sure where I have to store my fonts. I also keep all my scrapbook stuff on a separate external hard drive and would like to keep my fonts on the external as well but will have to see what nexusfont will let me do.


            • AmieN1
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              Nexus will pull from whatever folder you tell it to- I used it with my font folder on my EHD too! I switched a while back to fontbase but it's very similar!