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  • PSE18 Trouble

    I am having an issue with my type all being in caps. It doesn't matter what font I use and if I use the shift key or caps lock. Has anyone come across this issue before?? It is not my keyboard/computer because as you can see here it is doing lower & upper case. Thanks guys

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    Maybe it's your characters that are set to uppercase. Do you have a type box with 2 big TT cliked? Maybe that's why the letters don't change even with your keyboard.
    I can show you mine in CC but I don't remember in PSE. Let me google and look for a screen shot maybe.


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      Here we go. It should be a panel like this and you can see the double uppercase TT there? the first T is for bold, the second T is for Italic and then you have the uppercase TT
      If it is selected that's why your letters will all be uppercase. At least, I think this is the problem. Good luck!


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        I will look tonight when I get home, thanks for the help!!! I didn't even know that was a thing!! Mine doesn't look exactly like this but hopefully knowing that it exists will help me find it on mine. lol Thanks again.

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      SO when I used PSE (like pse12 ) If you opened at template that had the all caps feature turned on- there is NO way to turn it off in PSE and then it 'remembers' that setting. The best way to fix it is to open a template that has regular text options, so your PSE will 'remember' those instead. Hope that helps!