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  • Let's talk about printing...

    Okay all... I've been digital scrapbooking for a very long time, but something I'm not AT ALL good at is getting my pretties printed. I would love to get some books printed, although I have some organizing to do (I'm currently working on my step sons book... he graduates in one year...) BUT, I'd like to print some vacation books and misc. 'year' books in the next couple months.

    Tell me your secrets...
    Where do you get your books printed?
    Do you prefer sheets or bound books? Why?
    Do you always stay with the same company or go to where the best buy/coupon is?
    What size do use? (I've always used 3600x3600 pixels for my 12x12's - and that's worked for me... but, what do you do?)
    What are 'bleed lines' and how do you check them?
    Do you ever print your 12x12 pages in an 8x8 book? What does that do to quality?

    I'm sure these are just some of the questions some of us have that haven't jumped in to printing yet... I'm anxious to learn more and get some printing on!

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    I am so bad about printing!! Gahhh, I have so many pages just sitting on my computer. But I do put them on memory cards and play them in digital frames around my house . The ones that I do always get printed are my PL books and my December Daily albums. I usually print PL books from Shutterfly when they do their unlimited pages sale! I scrap 12x12, but print 8x8 because I love the size. I've never had any issues with quality, I love them all. I do December Daily in 6x8, print them as individual sheets, and put them in albums myself. I adore Persnickety prints for those.


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      If I am printing singles I always print at Persnickety, and like Jan ^^^ I scrap in 12x12, but print 8x8. I love that I can still see everything on them but the pages aren't so 'In my face'.

      If I am printing a big project, I wait for the Shutterfly 'Unlimited Pages' sale also, and usually bundle that with a free book code. I also print those in 8x8.
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        Where do you get your books printed? Persnickety 1000%- best customer service around!
        Do you prefer sheets or bound books? Why? I prefer to print individual layouts since I don't scrap chronologically, but put in albums chronologically
        Do you always stay with the same company or go to where the best buy/coupon is? Persnickety has a few times /year where they have discounts & you can stock up on print credits to use later.
        What size do use? I always print 12x12 for my yearly albums. Sometimes I'll do a different size if I'm printing a book for something specific- lately I've done 8x8 vacation albums
        What are 'bleed lines' and how do you check them? nope. Usually the books I make are through shutterfly or snapfish & have pretty good margins
        Do you ever print your 12x12 pages in an 8x8 book? What does that do to quality? Yep- nothing at all! Sometimes fonts are harder to read, but that's about all!


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          I print layouts 12x12 and put them into 3 ring albums as I don't scrap chronologically but want my albums to be roughly chronological.
          I haven't done any books as yet, it is so expensive this side of the ocean and paying shipping fees from the other side of the ocean is a deal breaker.


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            I only print the annual yearbook thes days, and they are made 12x12 but printed 8x8. The handy thing with that is, that when I am working on my computer, the image I can see it pretty much 8x8 so if it looks right (I can read the print, and none of the elements look too big or small) then it will turn out fine when I have it printed!

            Like Stefanie printing is pretty expensive here, so I have shopped around a bit with the books being printed. I have used photobox (good quality but pricey) and Vistaprint (cheaper, but that is noticable in the quality of the priting), as well as a couple of the supermarkets that do photo printing too.

            Bleed lines - they have made a difference when using vistaprint, but their web software for uploading the images was really good about flashing a warnig message if the image was beyone the bleed lines.


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              I don't print books, I make my pages 8x8 and print them at Costco, then put them in an 8x8 scrapbook with the plastic page protectors. For me that seems to work best.
              I did make a bunch of 6x6 books that I left on the coffee table. They are great conversation pieces and my kids, are now grown love looking back at the pages and laughing and teasing each other about them.