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  • Favorite photo editing apps

    I'm getting ready to take my scrapping mobile and am looking for recommendations for awesome photo editing apps. Which ones are your favorite and why? And if there are any downsides to it, please share that too. TIA!!

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    I personally love snap seed. I find it super easy to use and it does everything I need it too.


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      I use lightroom mobile which is included with the CC+Lightroom photography plan! I love it! I use it more often to sync photos from my phone straight to my ehd!!!


      • mocamom
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        If I get the gumption to upgrade to CC Amie, may I bug you to see what your workflow is? I have my pictures on my EHD that I haven't scrapped yet, but my finished ones are on my HD. I'm not sure how to marry the two systems!

      • AmieN1
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        mocamom You are welcome to bug me anytime!