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Adding a layout to the Challange fourm thread

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  • Adding a layout to the Challange fourm thread

    Newbie here.... I want to participate in the challenges (white space) but I am unsure on how to add the layout out in to the thread. Can someone assist?

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    Hi! Welcome to TDP!!

    Let me see if I can find a tutorial post somewhere to show you the steps. Unless someone finds it before me of course.


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      OK so I can't find what I want so let's see if I can explain clearly in a few words.

      - Go to your page in the gallery (I am guessing this is yours? :

      - On the right side of your page you can see grey stars and under, 3 url links named BB code / HTML code / Image link

      - Just click once on the link for BB code and it will automatically select that code

      - type ctrl and c to copy that link (this is for me with Windows but if you have Mac it might be different... maybe command c ?)

      - Come back to the challenge thread in the forum and paste that link in your post. Your page should show up like in here and will be linked to the gallery.

      Hope this will work.


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        Oh thank you so much... that makes sense. I was coping the wrong link... LOL

      • Hillary
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        Thanks Nini for helping her out!

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      You're welcome! Glad it worked!