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    I just upgraded to Photoshop CC and while I saved some of my most-fave actions and fonts to bring them into the new application, I didn't do all of them ... figured I could clean out the cobwebs and narrow things down to my absolute go-to, use-all-the-time items. But that got me thinking - what are YOUR favorite fonts and actions? Link us up (and I'm a huge fan of free! )

    This is one of my favorite stopping points for actions -- (I love the Wedding Enhancers group for portraits, and also have the big set from Shutter Pulse, which includes a bonus of 20 presets for Lightroom).

    Fonts - ah, fonts. Open Sans is becoming my go to for journaling, and I'm a sucker for typewriter fonts (there's pages of them at 1001 Fonts ... pages, I tell ya!!).

    So, share!! What are your go-to's ... let's enable each other

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    Woodford Bourne is another journaling font that I love - and another free one


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      Oooh fonts! I love have a look at new fonts!!

      My favourite typewriter font is SBC Distressed typewriter, although it has very few symbols ( I don't think it has a hyphen, which can be annoying!). I'm not sure I will ever go off it, we've had many years together now!

      For hand writing fonts, I use many of the fonts for peas - like Pea Bandit and Pea Kung Fu Manda.

      I currently love Amelia for scripty, fancy title words -but I can't find it quick online now, so am wondering if it is actually called something else?! That is REALLY helpfu isn't it!!

      I also have SBC love mom and SBC chit chat that I am using again after a long break! I am like that with fonts, I have an absolute fav handwriting font, and use it for ages, and then find a new one that I love instead - fickle little me!!


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        I should know better to even open this thread (Fonts Anonymous here! ) BUT- I had my own handwriting made into a font & have been loving that one lately. I'm also a sucker for typewriter fonts- few of my favorites:
        Portable Remington
        Esat Hoxha


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          corrin -- is this the Amelia font?


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          I use PSE13 and am obsessed with the RadLab Plug-In for editing. I use it almost exclusively.

          Like AmieN1 I need a Fonts Anonymous Club. Though, I do find myself going back to a select few pretty often.

          Northwell (I definitely got it for free at some point...)
          Old Newspaper Types
          Tolyer X Outline