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Keeping paper photos vs. digitizing

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  • Keeping paper photos vs. digitizing

    Ok I have another opinion question... I'm on a total minimizing kick and want to clear out clutter in a BIG way. One thing I have is boxes and boxes of actual printed photos. I don't do paper scrapbooking anymore, only digital. And I do have this cool little scanner that would digitize all of those photos in no time. So my question is... do I throw away, like... in the garbage (gasp!) the originals? I could always print copies if I ever needed them. For our upcoming move, it would probably save me at least three boxes of stuff!

    Has anyone else done this? Why does it feel difficult to throw away those originals?

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    I just can't do it - throw away those originals, and so many of the ones I've kept are not ones I can replace. But, at the same time, it's not like I go through them very often, so I probably wouldn't miss them. But still. Sigh.


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      I went through this a couple years ago and purged some of them but for the most part I kept them. I probably should digitize them. They are not backed up at all.


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        I moved recently and came across a bunch of photos from 10+ years ago. I'd actually organized them all - dates, places, etc.- but like many here, I don't paper scrap anymore.

        shannonc what kind of scanner do you have? I've been looking at the small hand held ones (like this one, but worry that is my hand is shaky or I don't scan 100% straight, then it will compromise the results. I used to have an Epson scanner and that was great because it was larger and I could scan full-sized documents.


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          I'm also in the same boat with tons of photos just sitting in storage in my closet. But, I don't have the heart to throw them away. To me, there is nothing that can replace a printed photo. I try to print our monthly favorites and just store those in a cheap photo album. That way there is some physical photos floating around.

          And now with my adventures into hybrid crafting I definitely use more printed photos which I've come to appreciate physical photos and albums again. Sigh. Am I rambling?


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            I totally agree... but... if I have the digital file and know I can print them out again, why not? Anyway... I think I've decided to scan and backup all (cuz I want to do that anyway) and then throw away all but the REALLY good ones, and be done with it

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          I think the 'idea' of getting rid of them is intriguing, but I doubt I could actually do it! We have a huge storage room in our basement so right now, that's not an issue for me. I am purging a lot of crap this year too- but I just can't pull the trigger on those boxes!


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            I wouldn’t throw photos away, I have a ton from when my daughter was little and they are all in regular photo albums. We look at them once in a while. It’s easier to look at them physically than online on a screen.
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