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Selling my paper scrapbooking stash

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  • Selling my paper scrapbooking stash

    Hi gang! Does anyone have advice on selling my paper scrapbooking supplies stash. I'm 100% digital now, except for a bit of card making, and since my husband and I are moving and I have to downsize, I'd love to sell a good chunk of my scrapbooking supply stash. There's actually a LOT of really good, either completely unused or barely used stuff.... yes, I can donate it, and that's my backup plan... but hubby and I are saving for some pretty important things and I wondered if there were any way to sell it. Has anyone done this before? How would I even approach that?! It'd be a huge pain to photograph every single thing... I was thinking of selling grab-bags of random supplies or something. And WHERE to sell?? Facebook? Craigslist?

    Any ideas?

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    I hope that you are saving for something fun!

    Do you have a local Indoor FB group? If so you could list stuff there. I see things like that every so often on our local page.
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      I did the same thing- on our local facebook buy/sale/trade group. It was nice because you didn't have to ship anything! You could try craigslist too!


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        I sold via FAcebook Garage Sale sites in my area.


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          I think the grab bag idea is great! I need to do something with mine.