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    Are you creating any scrapbook gifts to give this Holiday Season?

    My in laws are hard to buy for so thinking of making them something scrap related but what??
    A calendar?
    A slideshow of the Kids?

    I would love all ideas. tia

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    I took advantage of an offer from Shutterfly and created a calendar for three different family members. Maybe not the most original idea in the world, but I know they'll use them.


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      ◢I have made mi photo books for boh sets of grandparents featuring tehir photos with the kids etc in the past. Not so much any more. They are hard work. Maybe one idea could be to choose existing pages and print off multiple way. They absolutely make adorable gifts and shows the effort put in so very well received I guess
      --- SHIVANI ---


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        That reminds me that I need to put something together for my ex ( I create him a photo book of the boys sports from the past year). I have done calendars and photo books in the past and they have been so well received, but I have to agree with Shivani, it is hard work. Always worth it, but still time consuming in an already busy time of the year :P


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          Has anyone ever tried the photo transfer wood ornaments? I keep seeing them on pinterest and i love the idea of them, but have never tried them, Yet!


          • kristallund
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            No but they are cute! I also saw a candle photo transfer.

          • corrin
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            I am trying one right now, I have painted on the stuff, and stuck it to my ornament, now I just have to leave it overnight to dry! If this works out well, I could have all sorts of people's gifts sorted!

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          I've made calendars for family in the past, but it seems most people don't really use them anymore, so I haven't the last couple years. I always make our holiday card that gets mailed out- that's about it now!


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            I was thinking of these:


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              I used to create a calendar each year and I didn't last year (lots of couple issues in the family, that kinda took the fun out of it when you don't know if you can put someone's pic in the calendar or if that person will be out of the family in a week... ) but I'm back at it for 2018. With babies in each family (the man's and mine) it makes my job much easier: I created one calendar for each family with only pictures of this baby, and done! No need to worry about making different calendars for my divorced parents and my brother and my SIL's family... One size fits all!


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                I have actually given full scrapbooks to family members before.... but like Shivani says, they're hard work. If I've been working on one all year for myself and it's relevant to whomever I'm gifting it to, then it seems an easy one (though sometimes expensive to print!).