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    I have some miles on a credit card to convert to ... well, whatever I want. I found a potential purchase - a new Canon lens. Any photography girls (or guys) have any thoughts on this one - Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM Lens? I love how compact it is, and thought it might be a good basic lens to add to my arsenal. I have a 75-300mm lens already, so don't need another one of those (and I have a 250mm one, too, I think).

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    I don't have that one but like that it goes to 2.8


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      Pancake! LOL I shoot Nikon so I will be of no help here, but as Kirsta said, it's nice to have a fast-ish lens!


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        farrahjobling -- any thoughts on this lens? I'm thinking that it might be good for an everyday kind of lens, and with the 'pancake' profile, it certainly would be a good one to travel with ... plus, zero cost to me, since I'd be "purchasing" it with miles that I've already accumulated on my credit card! LOL


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          Hi Kat! I don't have that's compact and light, great for travel. What body do you have? Full Frame or Crop sensor?


          • Kat Hansen
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            Canon Rebel body - earlier model ... believe it is crop sensor

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          So the lens arrived yesterday - it's pretty compact. I think I'll take it out for a test run this weekend ... now to think of somewhere to go ... maybe the waterfront?


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            I can't wait to hear how you like it!