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Who has used or uses ACDSee?

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  • Who has used or uses ACDSee?

    I'm looking for a better way to organize my digi scrap stash. My husband is a programmer and was actually going to make me some software to be able to sort by various things - shop, designer, color, type of element, etc. but wanted me to check out any existing solutions. I know various folks have file organization methods... and I've got one going, but I don't have a great way to filter things by those sorting levels.

    So... has anyone used ACDSee? It's the closest thing that I can tell that does sorta what I need it to do. I downloaded the Beta version for Mac but I honestly don't know where to start in using it. So just wondered if anyone uses it?

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    I use it! I have the following categories for PU products:
    • to be scrapped (with subcategories for each LO I plan to do)
    • site (for challenges)
    • CT (for kits I got through my CTs)
    • style
      • art journaling
      • basics
      • minimalistic
      • pop (basically the paper-like style)
      • vintage or realistic (although I don't have many kits in that category!)
    • theme
      • friendship
      • love
      • beautiful/happy/fun/giggle or any happy emotion
      • baby
      • difficulties, sadness, grief
      • empowerment, resolutions, fighter/warrior, overcoming difficulties
      • children, growing up
        • school + learning
      • everyday
      • family
      • feminine
      • holidays/celebrations
        • birthday
        • various
        • mother's/father's day
        • halloween or Carnaval (when you disguise)
        • Christmas
        • New Year
        • patriotic
        • Thanksgiving
      • pregnancy
      • masculine
      • nature, outside, sun, plants, garden
      • passions, hobbies
      • seasons (with sub-sub-categories for each one)
      • scrapbooking and photography
      • vacation, travel
    • type of product
      • actions, brushes, styles, lightroom presets
      • alpha
      • elements
        • journaling cards
      • hybrid
      • kit
      • papers
      • police
      • quickpage
      • template
      • texture
    I only tag the previews because I am a kit scrapper at heart.


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      Oh my good golly chloe . You are the most organized yet creative person I have ever "met". You know that's two different parts of your brain, right? I'm going to grow up and be like you some day


      • chloe
        chloe commented
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        Yeah, right! LOL I feel like neither! ACDSee is the only place I have things somewhat under control. I'm catching up on tagging stuff after my EHD crash and that pushed me to simplify things more once again. You should have seen my categories a couple years ago, it was terrible! I tagged EVERYTHING, every single element, every paper... A true nightmare!

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      I think I'm actually gonna try Bridge first -- it seems more intuitive for me.


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        wow, that's awesome chloe I'm not very organized in fact.
        I store my kits like this :
        store > designer > kits

        and for my templates
        I've folder with my "to scrap templates" and after I save it like that designer > template

        hope you will understand my process and when I search something, I use the search window on the PC


        • Ga_L
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          and I'm curious to know if there is a software to organize my kits

        • shannonc
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          Ga_L I'll keep you posted... like I said, I'm looking for other solutions but my husband actually really wants to create something that I would find useful... something simple and easy to use... so if he makes something, I'll share it with you guys!

        • chloe
          chloe commented
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          That would be super cool shannonc! Yay for nerdy husbands! LOL

          Ga_L I also have that kind of folder organisation but I have the worst memory and after 11+ years of scrapping I have so much stuff (even if I try to put some of it away regularly) that I couldn't handle it and could never find the stuff I needed. Hence the tagging system!

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        I have used ACDSee for several years and I absolutely LOVED it. I am heartbroken now that they don't have a good solution for Mac users. Just recently I tried the Beta and it seemed to be going well, but still very slow. Then it automatically updated to a new Beta and I lost all my tags!! I've already re-tagged everything last year when I did another update. This time I'm just plain frustrated. I've lost hundreds of thousands of tags. SO MUCH of my time lost on organizing.

        I'm an organizer, and I find it so much easier to actually use my stash if it is organized. If anyone has another solution similar to ACDSee for Mac, I am all ears! I really don't know what I'm going to do from here on out!


        • chloe
          chloe commented
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          Ugh, how annoying! I'm on PC so I can't help, sorry!