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    I was curious to read more reviews so I found these links
    This one reviews the top 10

    And this one from PC magazine compares a few,2817,2412721,00.asp


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      I use shutterfly and just ordered one from Artifact Uprising.


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        I've made 6 different yearly 12x12 books over the last several year from Blurb. I love them. I use the premium paper.

        I've made quite a few 8x8 books from Shutterfly - as gifts or for small scrapbooks for my son. I love these too. The print quality is great, but much thinner paper than my Blurb books.

        I also once made an 8x8 with AdoramaPix. The pages are beautiful lay flat pages. I believe they are actual photo prints glued together. I was not so impressed with the cover - the cover seems to tear at the corners, like the material is very thin and tears when it is bumped. When I've seen other people's photos of their AdoramaPix books, I think I see the same thing happening to theirs.


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          I print everything with Blurb. Their quality is excellent and you can make pretty large books. They have coupons often and their customer service is excellent. I've probably printed 10 books through Blurb. They're great!
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            I love the way the pages feel in Adorama pics books and that their standard is layflat. I will not print any other binding format besides layflat!!! I haven't tried Shutterfly's layflat, but I may one day, but I do not like the quality of their usual free 8x8 albums. The paper is very thin and had a gutter. I am thinking of doing a few groupons to try out other printers. Oh and I do not like Zno - their books are layflat, but there is a pink line that develops in the seem ugh!


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              I recently did a 10x10 layflat from Shutterfly for a customer and I loved it. There was no gutter that I could tell.

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            I have one Blurb book and love it, the price is better (with sales coupons) compared to printing individual pages which is what I was doing for my PL previously. I also choose premium paper.
            I have a bunch of Shutterfly books, their pages now feel a lot thicker and the 8x8 books I've printed for December Daily are awesome. I don't use them for PL due to their page limit, I don't want multiple books a year so I use Blurb for those. I have 2 books I need to print, PL 2012 and PL 2016.
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