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Tuesday Tutorials - what do you want to learn about?

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  • Tuesday Tutorials - what do you want to learn about?

    We'd love some input about our Tuesday Tutorial blog series and find out exactly what you'd like to learn more about!

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    maybe there are already some tutorials about out of border. but I think it's really difficult to do.


    • Hillary
      Hillary commented
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      We do have this one, is this what you are referring to?

    • Shivani
      Shivani commented
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      Are you talking about out of bounds effect Gaelle? Photo editing to make it look like its coming our of the frame or polaroid?

    • Ga_L
      Ga_L commented
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      yes, that's I had in mind

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    I would love to learn some photoshop tool (what does the pen tool do, and the bucket Icon - what is that!?)


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      How about making digital stamps look 'real', or realistically stamping them on layers (so you get the little line of no-stamp along the edge - like the paper slipped just a tiny bit - and not just a stamp laid over three different papers without interruption).

      Or the different Blend modes in PS?