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    Do any of you use a page planner or idea sheet to organize your ideas before you start scrapping? I'm finding I like to get all my supplies and template ideas ready ahead of time so that when I sit down to scrap I don't waste time searching for "ingredients" - but, I'm finding I'd like to have an organized method of writing it all down. Wonder if there is a printable available anywhere? I guess I could make one, but feeling lazy and uninspired!

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    I don't make many pocket style pages, so I tend to just pick a kit and go for it, rather than plan out much, but I wonder if this planner would work for you?
    Project Twenty Sixteen | Pocket Scrapbooking Printable Planner by Laura Passage It includes all sorts of other pocket page designs, and looks like you can customize various aspects of it.

    Miss Tiina also makes planner pages, so you could have a look through her store and see if she has what you are looking for.
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      Thanks. I don't really do pocket pages either. I guess what I really need is a system to organize my thoughts about a page - maybe a template I want to use, supplies I think will work etc. I feel like I spend too much time making those decisions when I sit down to scrap so I thought some sort of planner would help.


      • corrin
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        Oh I am sorry, I'm not sure why I thought you were meaning for pocket pages!?! The idea above still might work, it comes with a blank page too (so no sketch of a pocket page), so you could draw in template ideas, and then list the template, kit etc below (or just colour ideas etc). I don't think I have seen anything else in the store along those lines though.

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        I think a version of that might work. It's a good starting point so I am going to begin there and revise it a little for my needs. Thanks for the link.

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      No. But I do for when I design. It helps a lot.


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        As I most often scrap with upcoming new releases for the designers, I usually get inspired by the product and go looking for the pictures that would work for the story I wanna tell. I love Corrin's suggestions for planning supplies, though!!


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          I don't use a planner for my scrapping as Chloe mentioned, most of the time I am working with new releases, I rely on being inspired by what I will be working with. That being said, I spend more time trying to figure out what photos I will use than anything else (or finding the photo that I want to use).
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