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  • Persnickety Prints!!!

    It's one of the few times per year that Persnickety Prints does their prepaid deals for 12x12 $1.50 a page prints!

    Going to snag some for me right now!!!

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    I saw on FB (a Feb 1 post) that Persnickety Prints will have FREE SHIPPING and $1.50 12x12 prints (the daily deal, not the prepaid credits) on Superbowl Sunday. They're also running a free shipping on orders over $40 promo (per their webpage). I have a huge stack of prints to order tomorrow!!


    • AmieN1
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      Yep I saw that on their email too! I like the credits so that I can upload & print whenever- but yes- Sunday will be a great day to order!

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    this has me thinking...
    i have always used PP to print out my LOs. i also use Shutterfly to create books of vacations and other "themed" books.
    But my PL and everyday LOs I print 12x12 thru PP and put them in 3 ring binders.
    I now have A LOT of scrapbooks. I want my Kiddos to flip thru them but do I want to print? I am just trying to figure out what I want long term. I scrap A LOT so that means I will have to print A LOT. Right now I have 300+ LOs I need printed. That is a lot of $ and space.
    any thoughts?


    • Hillary
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      Have you ever thought of dropping down to 8x8 size books instead? They feel less "out of control" to me. Maybe that would help you to not feel so overwhelmed. They are cheaper too, LOL.

    • kristallund
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      i thought about it but the idea of having 2 different sized layouts in my albums bug me. I don't scrap chronologically. Maybe my 2017 PL album can be 8x8 since I haven't printed any LOs for that.

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    Thanks for the reminder Amie. I saw that they were having a sale and then completely forgot about it. I just went and bought some credits so thanks!!
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