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    Reading the thread about people who edit their photos, does anyone use an app on their phone to edit? I have just got a new (well, new to me!) phone, and the camera on it is probably better than my little point and shoot camera, so I will mainly be using my phone for photos from now on. I know I can adjust light and saturation on the phone (That is built in), but does anyone use an app to do more? I have heard of Pic Tap Go, and vaguely remember someone here once suggesting an app that they used and loved - but I am wondering what people use!

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    I have used PicTapGo before and really like it. I think Becky Higgins suggests a few on her blog.


    • corrin
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      ah, thanks! I knew she used PicTapGo, but didn't think to see if she reviewed any others, I'll have a look!

    • Sabrina
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      This is the only app and 'process' I use for my photo editing. It is so easy and does an absolutely amazing job!

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    oooh great idea, thanks ladies!
    --- JENNA ---


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      There are TONS of photo editing apps- I like Prisma but I actually use the Lightroom app more than anything! Best thing is it sync's with your desktop version of lightroom- so I don't have to 'transfer' any of the photos!


      • kristallund
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        mind blown! i had no idea!!

      • mocamom
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        Amie do you think the colors are the same on both the phone and your computer? I've been hesitant to try it thinking I might get something wrong. Do you calibrate your computer screen?

      • AmieN1
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        mocamom no I don't calibrate my screen. I don't edit too much on my phone honestly- I use it more just to transfer pics from phone to my EHD. The nice thing is you can save whatever you edit in new collections so that your originals are always there.

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      Love PicTapGo too!! ColorStory is another great one! Lots of fun ways to enhance and edit your photos :D and their instagram is completely colorful and amazing:


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        Thanks, I will check them out!


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          PicTapGo is my go-to edit everything favorite favorite :D So simple and easy to use as well! Plus, you can save your recipes that you liked.