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    Does anyone only print their digital scrapbook pages into Photo Books? I'm considering moving to a photo book only printing plan but I'd love to hear what is working or isn't for anyone who is already doing it?

    I have tended to do photo books for special occasion things not my regular scrapbooking. But, I am trying to streamline things and thought a photo book approach might help. Right now, I'm printing 8x8 and putting into 8x8 albums set up with the Photo Freedom method but I don't feel like it's working well. It's expensive. I find that I never look at them after they are printed.

    Would love to hear what everyone is doing and how it's going!

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    I only print photo books and I love it! I have a ton of credits to print individual pages and I hope to use, but I doubt it. I love having a completed project in my hand. I would say the only draw back to bound printing is that you cannot change the order of the pages like you could with loose pages in an album. I really enjoy customizing my covers and printing multiple books for family. One tip I can offer is that I had to change the way I scrapbook. I no longer scrapbook random pages and pictures. I scrapbook with the sole purpose of having a book printed. SO I have to think of a theme and then design around it. BUT with photobooks being Free and $20 with a sale you can design a full book around a certain subject or even at 24+ pages. I love it! My favorite sizes are 8x8, 10x10, and 11x11. I have a few 12x12 but they are overwhelming to hold and turn pages. I like the 8x6 landscape and portrait also, but I only have a few books printed in this size.