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    It looks like we have a hiccup! It is no problem, this kind of thing often happens, so here is what I think we should do - the next person to post feel free to choose from either

    tiffany scraps' gallery -

    or nanascraper's gallery -

    and I will scraplift the other person. We will be back on track in no time!

    Whomever is next, please just make sure you leave a message saying "I'm next, and I will scraplift ......" - and all will be well


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      Well, I'm going to be greedy and play again (I love scraplifting, what can I say ) -- corrin - I'll take Nanascrapper -- this page (will be perfect for a part 2 of my Chinese lanterns!!) --

      nanascrapper - OMG!! I just saw the tag at the top of your layout ... Werribee -- as in Werribee, Victoria - Australia?! EEKKK!!! I was born there! #noway #itsasmallworld

      Finally got my page finished - it's a companion page for my earlier scraplift one

      ETA - this is Kat's gallery -
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      • corrin
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        fantastic Kat! I will have fun lilfting tiffany!
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      Saving this spot! I'll scraplift a page by Kat. Will be back with the page as I'm having a hard time choosing --- her gallery is amazing!

      ETA: Picked this layout as I'm usually white space challenged and wanted to step out of my comfort zone.

      Here's my take:

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      • corrin
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        You did a great job Leah! I love the bright. cheery colours, and the heart made of hearts, it is lovely! thank you for playing along

      • Kat Hansen
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        Aaaw, Leah, thank you for the comment on my gallery And you did a great job on your 'lift of my Haddie girl - that smile that you captured in the photo is quite infectious!

      • immaculeah
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        Thank you, both. I am enjoying all the NSD challenges!

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      Thank you everyone for taking part, this challenge has officially ended now! I hope you enjoyed the scraplift


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        So much fun - and finally got my page finished LOL

        nanascrapper - I had fun with that one ... I'm not usually a multi-photo scrapper!