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    What I got for Mothers Day- our 5 yr old grandson went over to the neighbors flower bed and picked mommy & I flowers {she was watching out the window--hehe}
    What I really wanted: nothing in the world, could have been better than this


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      I really didn't want a thing for Mother's Day. I have everything I need, but it's very important to my son that he gets me something, so I asked for new slippers. (I always ask for slippers on Mother's Day and my birthday.)

      I got slippers, a dozen roses and a date. He is taking me next Saturday to dinner and a movie. Just the two of us.

      The best thing he gave me though was a little note that said, "Thanks for always being there for me, letting me be my own person and helping me reach my goals. Ya done good ma." That brought tears to my eyes.

      He just graduated from college and some times it did feel like a struggle to get him there.


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        awww, that is beautiful Lorie! ya done good indeed!

      • Lorie
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        LOL, I think so. I could brag on the kid non stop, but I try to control it.