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    Hi everyone! Don't like "speed" scraps because you just can't seem to keep up? Well, then, this challenge is just perfect for you -- our slow scrap! Below you'll find step by step instructions that will help you create your page. Simply follow along and voila! You'll be done.

    Anyone who participates in this challenge and leaves a layout in this thread before 12 noon PT on Sunday, 5/8 will be eligible to win one of the amazing prizes you'll find in THIS THREAD.

    The rules for this challenge (because there has to be rules ) --

    1. Create your page using 100% TDP products.
    2. Upload your page to the gallery and then copy and link your gallery image in this thread.
    3. Remember, the deadline for posting in this thread to enter the challenge is 12 noon PT tomorrow, Sunday 5/8.

    Ready?! I like to give everyone a "shopping list" of items so they can start looking through their stash, so here's what you'll need to complete this page:
    • Three patterned papers
    • One vertical photo
    • Three buttons (or two and a brad)
    • Small scatter - beads, stars, glitter
    • One tied bow
    • Straight stitching
    • One file folder-style tag or tab
    • One circular element - a flair, flower
    • Two borders - one scalloped, one of your choice
    • Alpha or wordart for title - a single word
    Let's get started - and it's easy: a perfectly blank, white page for your background! Done! Seriously, though, now the fun begins.
    1. Take a swatch of your first patterned paper, a little smaller than 5" W x 7" H, and place this in the lower RIGHT-hand corner of your page, just in from the corner, about a quarter of an inch.
    2. Layer a horizontal swatch of your second paper over the top. This one is about 9.5" W and almost 2" H and is placed towards the bottom of your first paper ... leave about a half inch of it showing underneath. The horizontal swatch goes all the way to the right edge of the layout. Under the bottom edge of his horizontal swatch, add one of your borders - but keep the size of it fairly small - it's just a hint of something peeking out. You could use lace here, or even another layer of paper, if you want.
    3. Let's get the last paper on the layout. You'll need a swatch about 6" W x 5" H. It gets placed on top of the other papers, about 1.5" in from the bottom and right edges of your layout.
    4. Using your Shape Tool, add a white rectangle on top of this last paper, keeping it about a quarter inch smaller, all the way around. Add a white stroke outline inside the rectangle of about 20-25 pixels. I know, white on white ... like huh?! You'll see why, I promise. Let's add your photo. This should be a single, vertical photo and it goes on the right half of your rectangle - but only the right half (you may have to crop it a bit). Now you have a little separation with your photo and all the patterns around it. We'll come back to that space on the left in a later step.
    5. Add a larger scalloped border to the bottom of the photo. It should only extend just beyond the edges of the patterned paper that sits directly under the photo, if at all. Add stitching across the top edge of the border.
    6. Almost towards the right edge of the scalloped border that you just added, place a button with the tied bow on top. Tuck your file-folder-style tag under the top edge of the scalloped border, to the immediate left of the button. The tag will sit on your photo and shouldn't extend beyond the left edge of the picture (it can be tucked a little under the button, if that helps).
    7. On the left of the scalloped border, add your circular element - flower, flair, chipboard. Place the element such that it is roughly centered on the paper that you added in Step 2, and also covers up the edges of the paper under the photo, the white rectangle, and a little of the scalloped border. The circular element should only be about 1 - 1.25" in size.
    8. Still got a few buttons left, right? Add one in the upper right-hand corner of the first paper you place in Step 1, and then add a smaller button (or brad) diagonally to the lower left - around 7 o'clock, if you were looking at a clock. Add your small scatter groupings under these buttons - and put another scatter under the circular element from Step 7.
    9. In the space between the circular element and the file-folder tag, add your title. The white space to the left of the photo? This is your journaling space; place/date information goes on the file folder tag.
    That's it!! Remember to add your layout to the gallery and post it here, too ... and all by noon tomorrow! After that time, I'll share my layout and we can see how close everyone got (although there's no right or wrong ... just HAVE FUN!!)
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    I hope I got it right, it was more of a challenge than I thought it would be.
    Edited to reflect the changes - I hope?
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    • Kat Hansen
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      Yay - that was quick ... I just realized, looking at your page, that I messed up the directions for STEP #1 - they've been updated ... apparently I don't know my left from my right!! LOL Still love your page and what you did.

    • Kat Hansen
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      YAY! So close to mine - you obviously follow instructions well!

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    • Kat Hansen
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      Love how you did the journaling with just a single word on each line!

    • franny
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      Beautiful !

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    Thank you for the directions -


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      The kids all like to have prom pictures taken on an old bridge downtown, but we didn't know if we'd get any or not because it rained all day. Luckily, it cleared a little and the rain held off just until we were finished.
      I used pieces of kits from Creashens, Tracie Stroud, LJS Designs, and France M. Designs and did a lot of recoloring to match the dress. I wasn't sure if we could add anything extra, so I stuck with only what was listed.

      Alyce Anne siggie by allyson anne, on Flickr


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        • franny
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          It's so beautiful !

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        Had some time to scrap today so here's my page, thanks for the challenge Kat!
        [STRONG]---------- MARIBEL ----------[/STRONG]


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          Thank you for the very clear directions! Here's what I ended up with:


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            I think this challenge is now, officially, closed - thanks for playing along!! Here's my page --


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              Thanks for the challenge. I'm just too late. It doesn't matter. I just show you my page for fun

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