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  • NSD GAME | Twisted Wishes

    Be careful what you wish for... sometimes it can backfire!

    Here is a fun game of twisted wishes. I'll go first by making a wish... and then the next person will respond by granting my wish, but also adding a twist to the outcome so that something unexpected happens. Then afterwards, this person will post their own wish, as well.

    For example -- If I were to say "I wish I had a cold Coke," the next person could say... "Wish granted. You receive a nice, cold Coke... but you cut yourself on the can and when it gets infected, your face swells up and you look like ."

    Then that person will post a wish of their own for someone else to grant and twist into something funny.

    BONUS POINTS: if each new wish is somehow coordinated with or linked to the previous one.

    Anyone who participates in this game throughout our week-long NSD celebration (May 1-9) will be entered to win a $5 coupon to Inside Pixels by Lisa Bell's shop here at TDP!

    I'll start with a wish in honor of my favorite band:
    I wish I had a million dollars!

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    Wish granted. You now have a million dollars, but you can't spend it because it is locked in a trust fund that says it can only be given to your great great grandchildren.

    I wish that my kids would just go to bed when I ask them to.


    • #3
      Wish granted, but they fall asleep on your side of your bed, along with the dog and the 4 cats.

      I wish scrapbooking WAS my day job!


      • #4
        Wish granted! Scrapbooking is your day job, but you can only use other people's pictures.

        I wish...... I wish that school wasn't done for the year in two weeks.


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          Wish granted! School won't be done in two week, it will be done in 2 months but the break will last for 6 months.

          I wish my daughter would do her schoolwork when she is told.


          • #6
            Wish granted! Your daughter started her homework when she was told, but it took her all night and now you can't get her out of bed to go to school (and get more homework).

            I wish my son would finish his college degree!


            • #7
              Wish granted! Your son finished his college degree, but in the process he decided he wanted to pursue another degree.

              I wish summer would come sooner!


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                Granted, it`ll be there tomorrow.. but it will rain till August.
                I wish I could stop biting my nails.


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                  I grant your wish, but now that you've stopped biting your nails, they've grown out 3 inches and you can't find a nail clipper anywhere!

                  I wish my husband would find a job.


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                    Wish granted, he found a job chopping fish, the night shift, so he arrives home as you wake up, and fills your home with the scent of fishy fish before flopping into bed to sleep the day away!

                    I wish the laundry was done by magic!
                    Last edited by corrin; 05-07-2016, 04:17 PM.


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                      Wish granted, and your laundry is magically done, however, your sick and countertops are fully of dirty dishes that need to be cleaned.

                      I wish my yard was all done neat.


                      • #12
                        Wish granted but your only allowed to use scissors and hand choppers to mow it

                        I wish I could spend my days reading books.


                        • #13
                          Wish granted, but the books are all in another language you don't know.

                          I wish for a slice of pie


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                            Wish granted, but it is mincemeat pie, which you are allergic to. It looks so good you eat it anyway and end up in the ER being treated for a severe allergic reaction.

                            I wish I wasn't so cold all the time.
                            Last edited by Lorie; 05-06-2016, 10:18 PM.


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                              Wish granted, but now it is 123 degrees all day and all night long. I hope you a/c works.

                              I wish that my new computer desk was already assembled, instead of having to wait for my husband to build it.