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NSD GAME | Stop the Zombie!

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  • NSD GAME | Stop the Zombie!


    The item to your right is your only item in the upcoming zombie apocalypse. How will you use it? Think of your favorite ZOMBIE MOVIE or TV SHOW......(i.e. Walking Dead on AMC, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, Night of the Dead, Resident Evil, Zombie Apocalypse).

    Now that is in your mind, In your neighborhood every one is turning into zombies and they are knocking down your door or window.
    The only thing you have to protect yourself is an item to the right of you.
    What is this item and how could you use it to protect yourself and your family from being attacked by a zombie?


    To the right of me is a printer.
    I would use it to make copies of myself to use as decoys so my family and I could get away.

    Oh, and as if avoiding the zombie apocalypse isn't fun enough...Anyone who participates in this game throughout our week-long NSD celebration (May 1-9) will be entered to win $5 worth of free product in Laura Banasiak's shop (our resident Zombie Killer).

  • #2
    To the right of me is a Wood Heater.
    I would leave to door open so that the Zombies would be drawn into the fire!


    • Hillary
      Hillary commented
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      Nice! Take that, Zombies!

  • #3
    To the right of me is Taz. He will gladly lead the zombies away from me as he runs at his crazy warp speed and will lead them into the river across the street from us. I can then run in the opposite direction and he will race back to my side.


    • #4
      To the right of me are 3D glasses. I would put them on and become invisible to zombies and their like.


      • #5
        To the right of me there's a baby bottle. What you don't know is that milk inside is magical. He will protect me if I drink it...
        ----- FRANCE -----


        • #6
          To the right of me (this is totally true, as I am sitting on my couch w/ my laptop!) -- is a decorative pillow that says "LOVE LIFE" ...so clearly, I will hold it up and use it to reason with the zombies. "CHOOSE LIFE, ZOMBIES! LOVE LIFE!" ROTFL ...they can be reasoned with, correct?
          ~ Laura ~


          • #7
            At the moment there is a spray can of Pledge. I'd spray the zombies to give them a nice brilliant shine and the citrus juices would eat through their skin at the same time!! :D


            • Hillary
              Hillary commented
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              LOL @ the "brilliant shine".

          • #8
            To the right of me is a cup of hazelnut coffee. Zombies are afraid of the smell of hazelnuts as it causes them to shrink as small as ants. Then they can be killed by stepping on them or eaten by the lizards in my yard.


            • #9
              When I first read this post this morning, right next to me was a handful of marching onion seedheads that I found in my garden last night (it's amazing what you find when all the snow melts).

              Anyhow, if you give these things a good hard shake, all those little onion seeds fall off, and I envision shaking one or more of these at the approaching zombie horde and watching the little seedlings sprouting legs and running at the zombies, then growing tall onion shoots and wrapping around the zombies' legs and tripping them. And just in case that doesn't work, there's an emergency backup spelling list under the onions, so we can have an inpromptu spelling bee. Or barring that, there's a bill for a 600-foot deep hole in the ground underneath the spelling list. Take that zombies!


              • #10
                To the right of me is a trial size bottle of Dove body wash (freebies from the dr. that are on my desk to be put away). I am going to squirt some in that zombie's eye and then run away screaming!


                • Laura Passage
                  Laura Passage commented
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                  You should propose this to Dove for their next commercial. LOL

              • #11
                This thread has me laughing. I love the idea of reasoning with the zombies with a pillow slogan and the emergency spelling list.

                My desk is a mess so I have several options. I have a stack of books I could throw at the zombies. Some papers to throw at them and give them lots of paper cuts? Probably best is my camera. I'd turn on the flash mode and blind those zombies, then run away while they're blinking.

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                • #12
                  To the right of me is my camera.
                  I would use it to strangle them with the shoulder strap and hit'm over the head with the base.
                  then cry cause I prolly broke my camera


                  • #13
                    To the right of me is a tube of White Citrus Ultra Shea body cream from Bath & Bodyworks.
                    I would squirt it on the ground as the zombies shuffled towards me, causing them to slip and fall. Then I would run away!


                    • #14
                      I am at my desk at work - to the right of me is my Nutrition Binder, I would use it to wack a zombie to daze him long enough to get away.


                      • #15
                        I am at my desk at work. The item to the right of me is my phone. I would use it to call for help (if phones were in service) or bash the walkers head in like they do in The Walking Dead. Ewwww...that's gory.


                        • Hillary
                          Hillary commented
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                          Yes, maybe a little gory. I never realized how violent women could be until this thread. LOL

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