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    You all have the best oldies in your stash lol.
    I think I one time deleted everything that was "old" and now I can only come up with 2012/2013 stuff. And I have a lot of stuff. Oh my.
    Loving it here <3


    • Lorie
      Lorie commented
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      I have a HUGE stash too. And I actually clean my stash out regularly , but there are kits from certain designers that I will never get rid of.

    • klee73010
      klee73010 commented
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      last march or so (2015) I deleted anything from prior to 2012. Didn't even look at it before I deleted it. Just said... BYE! ( i should really just do it again with as much as I now buy and never use!)

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    seriously dying at all the old stuff. I feel a little sad I didn't know many of the designers here until 2014 or so.


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      I have a few to share...

      From Laura

      From Tracie

      From Mari


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        This is an awesome thread! I'm not a hoarder and have no problem deleting. But I do save things that I use all the time - classic things. This is my oldest kit from a TDP designer - Karla, of course! She's been one of my faves since I started back in 2008.

        Rad Alphas from 2009. I love 'em! Still use 'em!

        --- KATE ---


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          funny game!

          that kit was one of the first gift i recieved in little scrap world as a rak... and the name is an evidence: Be grateful.... Thanks Sabrina!...(2010)


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            Omigosh, you have no idea!

            I am a hoarder for sure! I will be adding more, because this cracks me up! I still love this though!


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              I so love this and I am pretty sure it's retired!


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                Dug through my stash and found this by Tracie.


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                  I've cleaned up most of my old stuff but somehow found these two beauties from 2010.


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                    i found one thing. from the artist formerly known as lisa sisneros a.k.a. wildheart designs. i'm sure it was a freebie. i had to dig deep...
                    01_lisasisneros_babygrace_giftPREV by Alina Love, auf Flickr
                    Loving it here <3


                    • LisaS
                      LisaS commented
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                      LOL, Alina, I totally forgot about that one. I think it was a freebie for a charity collab.

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                    And by the way... I want to cry about the fact that there is so much beautiful stuff on my harddrive, that has never been touched.
                    But I don't want to let this go!!!!
                    Loving it here <3


                    • Lisa Bell
                      Lisa Bell commented
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                      RIGHT!!!!! This thread inspired me to clean my EHD and OH MAN the things I found. I dumped a TON. Lots from pre 2012. I didn't 'know' designers back then. It was so fun seeing how they have changed.