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  • Christmas Plans?

    What are everyone's plans for the holidays and New Year? Anyone going on holiday, making a road trip to see family? Not me. I'll be working a bit (boo!! ) but it will be a quiet Christmas Day at my brother's, and then he and his wife are coming over to my house on Boxing Day. No presents, just a BBQ or buffet and everyone can nibble on food when they want. Low stress and just hang out. Perfect.

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    I have two of my four kids married. The single kids are still living at home and the married ones live here in town so we will have everyone over for a nice family dinner and gift exchange. It will be the first Christmas with everyone together since 2016 so I am looking forward to it.


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      We're sticking close to home too. I'm hosting Christmas Eve ... we're having a CHristmas CHeer CHip-in (potluck) where we ask that everyone bring a dish to share that starts with the letters CH. Now, if only I could figure out how to get all the grocery shopping, cleaning, baking and party food prep (CHow mein with CHinese CHicken meatballs, CHeese fondue, CHocolate torte, CHeater CHeesecake bites, CHex mix), gift wrapping, last minute shopping for stocking stuffers, AND work done before 4 pm on Tuesday ... I'll be in good shape.


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        I've been feeling very down this whole month because I think this is the month I miss my family the most.

        But with hubby we planned to go to the big town, go to the movies, have one good or probably two good meals , stay in a nice hotel and then some shopping of course. Hopefully all this entertainment will boost my mood up.

        I hope you all enjoy this time with your families. You don't really appreciate how precious it is until you can't have it easily because of tremendous distance.


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          Staying home as usual. We only have DH's family and they are all coming in to visit. they are all providing Christmas Eve and Christmas Day feasts so I can relax!


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            I'm hoping for a quiet, relaxing Christmas. I'm not planning on doing much of anything My oldest is serving in the Amy overseas this year. It will be the first Christmas without him, so a little different this year. His wife and daughters will be coming over on Christmas day, as well as my daughter and her family. I'm just planning on having a bunch of finger foods for whenever they get here.