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Happy Halloween!

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  • Happy Halloween!

    Happiest Halloween to all of you out there in digiland.

    This year we're signing one of our favorite seasonal songs here in the Denver area .....

    (singing) "I'm dreaming of a white Halloween" thanks to back-to-back snowstorms on Sunday-Monday and Tuesday-Wednesday (seriously) that each dumped 6-8 inches of snow. So while the kids will have to bundle up for trick-or-treating, the scary witches, ghouls and clowns that my neighbors have decorated their yards will are all decidedly less scary because they're wearing cones of snow on their heads, and the fake gravestones are just peeking out of the snow.

    I've heard that Halloween in the US is a little different than elsewhere ... mostly with the costumes and trick-or-treating. So, two questions:

    How do you celebrate Halloween (if you do)?


    If you or your kids dress up, what costumes did you or they choose this year? Share pictures!

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    Nothing here. Some Japanese started trick or treating a few years ago but it is not yet very popular. I never did in France either so I don't actually prepare or think about doing something.
    I know in bigger towns like Tokyo, Sendai maybe they have some trick or treating if there are many kids in that street or area.

    I don't celebrate it but I do hope, for those who do, you had a wonderful time! Looking forward to see many scraps about that


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      We live at the top of a hill, so we don't usually see many. But this year, it was relatively warm (temps ~ 42 degrees Fahrenheit / 5 degrees Celsius) but we still have snow, slush and ice on the ground, and seems to have kept kids from coming out (or at least off our hill).

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    It is getting bigger each year here (England), but as my children get bigger, life is changing!

    My oldest was full of a cold and just didn't want to go out, so she sat on the sofa and watched a film, hiding from the kids who knocked on our door!

    My teen daughter went with her friend - dressed as some sort of zombies (she wanted to go as Coraline, but has lately been a bit fascinated bu doing make-up bruises and cuts/scars etc, so wanted to show off those skills!) to the little estate where they live (nice, small, safe, lots of families and lots of trick or treat sweets!).

    My 10yr old's plans fell through so we decided to go to the cinema instead (he isn't a fan of most of the sweets he gets anyway), and my youngest was having a sleepover at my mum's, so she took him in his ninja outfit to trick or treat a couple of her friends - she lives in a very quiet, fairly elderly, little area, so they had to arrange it all beforehand!

    It was an odd year all round really! The friend's mum has promised me a couple of photos of the girls before they went out, but my mum is not a photo taker (or she takes a photo but then doesn't upload it etc - she refuses to have a mobile phone!) - so I don't have pics to share yet. I'm keeping my fingers crossed though.

    We did decorate the outside of the house (just that cobweb stuff and little plastic spiders everywhere) and carved our pumpkins and put them out - pretty similar to the US.


    • caliten
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      Somehow October slipped away from me .... I first saw pumpkins for sale in early September and thought 'too early!!!', and kept thinking that right up to the weekend before Halloween .... but I didn't buy any then because the kids weren't with me and I didn't want the grief of getting the wrong ones (KWIM?!), and then we had four straight days of snow and ridiculously cold temperatures and finally on Thursday (almost, but not quite too late, right?) when we _finally_ went to get pumpkins, the few that we could find has serious frostbite and water damage and were well on their way to mushy, so we ended up with three metal Halloween-theme luminaries and a large foam pumpkin, all purchased at 70% off because the craft stores were already totally over Halloween and moving on to Christmas. Sigh. Parenting win right there.

    • corrin
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      can't help but laugh - not even halloween and already they are ready to move on! ah well, at least you had a (metal) pumpkin, some of mine have become all squeamish about cleaning out the goo, but my 5yr old told me he was "so proud" of me and gave me a huge hug when my one was done! so I was a happy mum!

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    Kind of crazy week here, but for the first time in 29 years I did not go trick-or-treating! While I have been waiting for a Halloween break, it was a little bittersweet