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Going on an Alaskan cruise and don't know what to pack!

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  • Going on an Alaskan cruise and don't know what to pack!

    Anyone done this cruise before? We are leaving from Vancouver and cruising to Seward. We will spend some time in Vancouver beforehand, and Fairbanks afterwards. I honestly don't have a clue what to pack. It's supposed to be highs in the 70's (what???!!!) in Vancouver and 50's in Alaska. I know we will be doing the glaciers and salmon fishing too. What would you suggest I pack? Help!

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    I've never done an Alaskan cruise, so I'm not really any help there. My parents have traveled to Alaska a few times (my Aunt and Uncle have a cabin in Talkeetna). They usually pack lot of layers and a heavy duty rain coat. Have so much fun on your trip!


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      Thanks Ashley for the idea about the rain coat. I wouldn't have thought of that!

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    I wouldn't know either but it sounds amazing. Maybe some cold weather stuff and warm. A coworker went last month and said it was hot.


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      mocamom When do you go?? how exciting!!

      I have no idea what to pack, it's 102 degrees in Texas as I type this, lol. I can't wait to see your photos and scrapbook pages though!!


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        I am just finishing a week vacation in Victoria on the island just across from Vancouver. It has been overcast most days and rained on two of the days. I have worn capris and a t-shirt the whole time but always carried a jacket which I wore often because the air is chilly. Don't know if that helps but I wouldn't pack shorts based on the weather on my trip.