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How do you store papers/memorabilia/kids art

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  • How do you store papers/memorabilia/kids art

    I have so many papers, artwork etc. that I am not throwing away. I've scanned some of it, but how do you store it....should it be laying down or should it be in like hanging folders? I am going to be purchasing plastic totes and need to figure it out.

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    I have tried so hard to be ruthless (and sometimes feel twinges of regret that I let a certain piceutre go - although the kids don't miss anything!), so each child has 1 box (under the bed type plastic box), and that is where I put their stuff. I find them big enough to hold the larger paintings, and just make sure there are some smaller school books or something to fill the very bottom so that nothing gets the corners squished if possible! I have tkaen photos of many, many things before letting them go - but that is as far as I have gone with so many amazing creations!


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      I like the under the bed storage idea! I plan to go through a lot of stuff, scan everything and keep only what I really want or my kids want. I just can't keep everything...