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Giving Back and Connecting - Need Some Ideas!

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  • Giving Back and Connecting - Need Some Ideas!

    Ok folks - my little family (hubby and our 4 month old son) are going to be doing a crazy semi-long term digital nomad thing. We're packing up our house and putting it in storage and will get on the road to travel to the southeast, where we'll stay for a month at a time in various cities.

    I'm super excited... because we love to travel and explore new places.

    But the thing that I know I'll miss is a "tribe" of people that I know and are close by - friends that become family, folks we spend a lot of time with and get to know really well. You know! When you're on the road, there's a certain solitude about it. But I want to see if I can change that and find SOME way to feel connected to a larger community. Maybe gain some sense of a larger more global "tribe". I feel like a good way to do this is to give somehow... volunteer... help out... listen... anything that people need.

    There's all these feel good videos that viral around - people helping each other, people helping animals, etc. etc. -- and I want to think of something that I can do with a 4 month old to bring a little love into the world. And keep in mind we'll be moving around between cities so I want to do something that can be "portable" haha.

    Anyone got any fun ideas for me?

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    Wow this sounds like quite an adventure. I don't have any ideas for you but look forward to hearing all about your travels. Good luck.


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      Sounds like quite the trip!! Maybe some sort of national volunteer organization that would give you opportunities to connect to others in new communities. Drawing a blank right now, but thinking of things like Habitat for Humanity (although a little hard with Mr. M). I searched volunteer organizations in the USA and it came up with quite a few, some state-specific, some nation.


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        What an exciting adventure!! I was thinking the same as Kat, some national volunteer organization, like maybe The Red Cross. Maybe just search areas that you are headed to and see what kind of organizations are in the area.