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20th anniversary trip ideas?

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  • 20th anniversary trip ideas?

    well, hubby and I are 4 months away from 20 years of marriage! hard to believe it went by so quickly!! we were just thinking that maybe we should take a trip. Any ideas? I'm so torn, my kids are the perfect age for travel too - 12 and 14, so all the ideas I come up with I think "but we should really take the kids!". However, hubs and I NEVER do anything romantic. we barely even celebrate our anniversary each year. We took a short trip for our 10th anniversary to an all inclusive resort in mexico and it was so much fun! I think we've really only even gone on a few dates without the kids since then! (I promise we love each other, lol, but neither of us is the romantic lovey-dovey type lol! plus we really like our kids ha ha).

    So - WWYD? Any ideas for a 20th anniversary get away? especially ideas other than beach vacations? thanks!!

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    We did a Mediterranean cruise for 5 days, it was fabulous.
    That started our love of cruising as a holiday - we did take the children later as well.
    Congrats! 20 years is quite an achievement.


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      I was going to say cruise too, or an all-inclusive since they both tend to have activities for the kids (which would give you and hubs some alone time). What about a few days at a cozy little B&B nestled in the mountains? (a real B&B where someone actually makes you breakfast, not just some random place to sleep from AirBnB unless you don't mind not having someone else make you breakfast). Are you interested in traveling overseas? Iceland. Or this ....


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        Maybe look at this as your chance to scope out the best "what to do" activites for when you DO take your kids wherever you end up going!


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          Have a great time. I hear disney cruises are pretty good. I've always wanted to go more adults only on the Viking River Cruises. They look so neat! Make sure you get some alone time for you both! Happy 20th!


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            This summer will be our 30th anniversary and we are taking that scuba dive trip to Bonaire in November as a late anniversary trip. Be brave... try something you never have done before. That is what we decided.


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              Happy early Anniversary @g8rbeckie! WOW - 20 years! Definitely a great trip should happen to celebrate!! Hawaii would be amazing or somewhere in Europe is always nice too!
              Alaskan Cruise? - although that is best in June/July. Love the idea for a Mediterranean cruise suggested above. I guess it depends if you guys like the laid back vibe of a cozy spot or the hustle and bustle of a busy place. My husband is from Southern Italy and it is quite lovely there in the Puglia region. Florence is amazinggggg if you love art and history - truly something for the whole family if the kiddos join you.
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