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Any Scuba Divers?

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  • Any Scuba Divers?

    OK so I decided that I wanted to do something brave before I turn 50 next year. I have always had a fear of water and so... naturally I am taking a course to become scuba certified. I am now starting to think this may just qualify as my mid-life crisis LOL. I have had two pool dives to pass off skills so far and have another tomorrow. I feel a little more brave every time so I am hopeful that by the time I do my dive tomorrow I will feel even more confident. My husband and I have already put our deposit down for a dive trip to Bonaire in November. So... it got me wondering if there are any divers here at TDP?

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    Sounds awesome. I would definitely try a helicopter ride or a sky diving trial one day maybe...
    Never tried skuba diving but that sounds cool too. Maybe I should start by an element I feel at ease in lol instead of the sky.

    Looking forward to see some pictures too!!


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      It’s been awhile since I last dove (dived?), but I’m scuba certified.

      speaking about doing crazy new things, I’ve been offered the “opportunity” to go tandem sky diving next week. My husband thinks I should go for it, but I’ve got to admit that I have zero interest in jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.


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        If you decide to do it be sure to come back and tell us all about it.That would definitely qualify as a brave thing.