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  • Summer Plans??

    What does everyone have planned for the summer?? our kids have already been out of school for 2 weeks. we just spent a week at the beach in Florida (SO AWESOME!) and no other trips planned! we are finally getting around to re-doing our master bathroom. It flooded 2 years ago when we had a 1st floor plumbing leak that required us to replace the floors and part of our walls. We've been putting off this bathroom thing because we knew we needed to actually remodel, not just replace the flooring. We have a designer coming over Monday to consult with us and I'm so excited!

    And my daughter has tennis camp - she will be a freshman in HS so it's a pre-tryouts camp - for a week in June.

    The rest of my time will be spent working (Hubby is a stay at home dad, so I'll be the ONLY PERSON up and working all summer, which super sucks!!)

    anyone else have plans?

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    Work until we can finally go to France mid-August. It's been almost 2 years I didn't get to go and last time was after my granny's funeral. A necessary trip but not a very good one.
    While we are there we are going to Budapest for a few days with my family! YAY!! I can't wait to discover a new country.


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      work, traveling for work, and more work for me. Yay. My kids get summer day camps, and we will also spend time "camping" in the mountains. And one long weekend in California visiting my folks.

      My (carpeted!) master bathroom also desperately needs a remodel, but we keep putting it off for some reason. We did a facelift a few years back (new wall paint, new light fixtures, and we took down and spray painted the gold shower frame a nice hammered iron (almost black)). I'm thinking that my consolation for not getting a new master bath will be to repaint my half bath at some point this summer.
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        Summer vacation started for us on Friday and it has rained and been chilly every single day so far :/ But good news is that I usually spend the first week or so of summer doing a deep clean and purge of my house. I'm hoping to get started on that tomorrow. We have a beach trip planned in the middle of July, and DS and I will take a few spontaneous trips to the amusement park because we have season passes. There's also a few fix-it things around the house that need to be done. Other than those things, I plan to relax and read as much as possible!!


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          Since we homeschool mostly year around, we don't have off any time until August. In August we will take a cruise to Alaska and explore Vancouver beforehand and Anchorage afterwards. I can't wait!!! Temps will be in the 100's here by then so it will be nice to escape the heat!! I have major cleaning to do here and need to reorganize the school room while planning for next year. I also am determined to organize and proof read my 2015 & 2016 albums so I can order them. Those are my goals though this summer. Here's hoping they come to fruition!!


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            Headed into winter here, so nothing really on the horizon except work conference and some work-related travel. Actually, been traveling quite a bit, but the company treats me well when I do,so I don't mind so much. We get 'forced leave' over Christmas and New Year when the office shuts down, so thinking of making some plans for then.


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              My kids' last day is this Friday- we have a bucket list we'll work on, but not too much crazy stuff. We do have a road trip to the OR coast planned & then my mom (in western WA) keeps the kids for 2 weeks in August. Otherwise, we have sports camps & spend as much time at our lake house as we can!


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                The kids here are still is school until the end of July, so we have a ltitle while to make some plans but this will be the first year that I have to work hrough the holiday - thankfully only 2 days a week! Still working on the logistics of that! We are looking at going away for a week, and while I admire all of you planning to re-model, or deep clean or decorate - I won't be doing any of that if I can help it!!