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Multiple pics scanner anyone?

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  • Multiple pics scanner anyone?

    I am looking for a scanner that I can drop my photos in and scan them. I currently have a flat bed scanner and it takes forever. Any recommendations?

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    I have been wondering about this lately, my parents moved house and I got their boxes of old photos, and really want to get them scanned in, but individually it will be such a big job!


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      I need to scan lots of pics too so I will be interested to see what you all know I purchased a flatbed scanner a few years back and shamefully it is still in the box because I can't get excited about tackling that big job.


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        I was pretty curious about this, too. I quit scanning awhile back and started using my camera to take digital photos of a lot of older photos. But, I've looked around from time to time. Epson has one - Epson FastFoto -, but it's kind of pricey. The Plustek Photo Scanner - - is a little cheaper, but you have to feed them one at a time. I'm curious to know if there are others out there.


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          Seems like a lot of us are in a similar search!