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  • Weekend plans?

    Weekend is coming up! My oldest has spring break from college so tomorrow I'm driving 4 hrs to pick her up & drive another 4 hrs back home. Today is my oldest son's birthday - he's 17! Yikes! Our family tradition is that the birthday person always gets to pick a restaurant of their choice to celebrate. Lately, my kids are picking more expensive restaurants. It started out with McDonalds and Chuck E Cheese and now its fondue and Japanese steak restaurants.

    I'm on Day 3 of having bloody noses. I hope I don't have one tomorrow on my long drive.

    What is everyone else's plans?

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    If the weather is nice this weekend, I am going to a St. Patrick's Day Celebration at the Irish Arts Center in the city. It's supposed to rain on Sunday, so don't know if I will be taking the kids out. We live in the city and not worth the subway/bus ride sometimes when you get all wet.


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      I just want to stay home and be lazy! I usually play soccer on sundays (two teams, over 30 league and an over 40 league) but neither teams have games this weekend!


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        last-minute cleaning before my mom arrives, and prep for DD’s tonsillectomy early next week.


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          Our youngest grandson turned 6 last Friday and we're heading south tomorrow to celebrate with him at his birthday party. Can't wait for some photo opportunities! Have a good one everyone!


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            We had a snow day today, so I got my house cleaning done. I hope to get out in the morning and hit the nail salon and pick up a birthday gift for my mom. It's her 81st birthday! We are going to her house tomorrow evening for pizza and cake . Other than that, lots of scrappy stuff is on my agenda!


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              We just moved this past Tuesday to our new home. Same city, same zip code, just a little upgrade + pool. So, I've been MIA a bit around here.
              My weekend plans...catching up on the reads here, perhaps scrapbooking (since the majority of my essentials were not packed away too deep)...although probably the main priority should be actually unpacking and organizing my art room, eh? HA! My husband is one of those "gotta have everything outta the box now" so our kitchen and master bedroom are done. I give him full credit for all of the unpacking in the kitchen and put away. Since he's an Executive Chef, he needs order and no clutter in "his space". I told him that we unpacked as much in 2 days from moving as some would unpack in 1 month of moving. We are way ahead of the game. HA!
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