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Doing anything for Valentine's Day?

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    I'm taking my 15 year old son to a BYU men's volleyball game, leaving my wife with an empty house (per her request!) LOL


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      Sometimes it is soooo nice to have a quiet house to yourself.

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    We are such a bunch of romatics aren't we!! I bought my hubby a box of chocolates, and he gave me a night off cooking (so we went out to a carvery) - and we are happy with that!
    I did buy some heart shape confetti balloons (that were a real pain to get blown up and the confetti inside!) and a heart bunting thing from the £1 shop to stick up, and made cupcakes for the kids to have in their packed lunch, and I cut out a heart from red paper and just wrote a silly joke, or I love you on it, and put it in with their lunches - so I feel that I made a reasonable effort this year!