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  • son with migraines

    he turns 12 next week and he's had a continuous migraine for 4 weeks.

    We've tried everything - primary care doctors treated it as sinus, x-rays revealed no sinus congestion, then several days of pain medication, then finally a MRI to ensure his brain was ok. and then last week we spent 3 days in the hospital so they could try a really strong dose of IV medication that can help a persistent migraine. unfortunately that medication made him sick so they couldn't proceed with treatment. So we've been home from the hospital a week now, and still no change for my boy. Still has a constant throbbing headache.

    Taking him later today for an acupuncture treatment, we do essential oils at night, and we started CBD oil about a week ago. He still takes Magnesium and Gabapentin as prescribed by the doctors. Migraine medicines don't work, they are generally effective only at stopping a migraine before it fully sets in, not ending one that already hit with full force. We are trying to get him on "homebound" status for school, since he can't go right now. This means teachers will send his work home and a visiting teacher will spend 4hrs/week helping him with lessons.

    So stressful. And I'm so scared for my son, I have no idea when this migraine will stop. poor kid is also dealing with anxiety (which he had beforehand, but this makes it worse).

    Just wanted to share. If anyone has experience with chronic persistent migraines (the ones that won't stop or go away, even after weeks) I'd love to hear about it.


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    I used to get migraines a lot more frequently years ago. Since that time I have had a few crowns and root canals. I believe a lot of my headaches were related to tooth pain but I didn't connect it at the time because my teeth didn't really bother me. Still after the dental work things got much better. So my question is... how are his teeth? I had lots of big fillings in my molars as a child and that lead to my problems as an adult. Maybe this won't relate to your son.

    After many years without a serious migraine (just regular headaches or migraines I could catch in time with Excedrin migraine medication) I was surprised with a migraine on Christmas Day just a few weeks ago. I ended up in the redicare getting injections before it finally resolved. After the holiday, I visited my physical therapist and he did lots of work on my cervical spine to free up some restrictions. I have not had a reoccurrance since then. If you have a massage therapist or physical therapist that can do some manipulation of the tightness that may help?

    Hope you figure it out soon. I understand how painful it is.


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      I too am a migraine sufferer, but never anything like what he is going through. I have always been able to catch mine in time with a motrin and chugging a soda, unless I don't realize in time and then I spend two days with a raging headache.

      Do you know what his triggers are?
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        We had a friend whose young teen son had chronic migraines because of an undiagnosed severe intolerance to soy (started about the time he hit puberty). They completely eliminated it from his diet and his migraines stopped.


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          I have nothing helpful to add, just all my sympathy - it is awful for him and for the rest of your family too. I've had accupuncture for a couple of things and found it REALLY helped, so I'm hoping that it will work for your son too.


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            I only get migraines 1-2X a yr. My friend used to get chronic migraines until she got the ear piercing for migraines; she said it helped a lot. When I got a migraine, the only thing that helped was Tylenol PM. I needed something to help knock me out.


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              So sorry Becky it must be such a challenge for you and him.
              I only get migraines rarely and mine are hormonal in nature so I am no help at all.
              I do hope that you get help for him though, or something clicks and stops his agony.


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                Thank you everyone for the thoughts and suggestions!

                An update from our neurology appt today:
                We're going to try nasal DHE (DHE is the only medication that is known to stop a migraine like this once it starts). Unfortunately he got sick when they tried through IV at the hospital so we'll try nasal this time. Then if that doesn't work they are going to refer him for botox injections at the back of his head later this week. They are also sending in the paperwork today to get him on homebound status at school, which will get him in a program where a teacher will come to our home 4 hrs/week to help him with schoolwork.

                we have no idea what his triggers are yet, this is the first time we've even had a diagnosis of migraine. But since I have them, I know the triggers pretty well myself so I will be able to help him work through it. For me, my biggest trigger is sleep. i MUST get at least 7 hrs sleep a night or I will get a migraine the next day. Interrupted sleep for me also leads to migraines. Once I figured that out I was able to cut my own migraines down by half.


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                  ((Hugs)) My husband suffers migraines but can end them pretty quickly when he feels the onset. I would have him allergy tested as stated above they are often triggered by an allergy to something. Prayers he is feeling better soon.


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                    Hi sorry to hear about your son...just breaks my heart. Since you do essential may want to look into Medical Medium. He believes virus' hide in your body and Migraines are caused by them. Celery juice helps kill them and has a million other benefits when drinking it on an empty stomach. It might be worth looking into it if you can't find any other relief and it's not expensive or have any side effects. I have my 15 year old daughter and 12 year old son drinking it with me. My son is not a fan, but my daughter drinks it like a champ. She is drinking it to help her cystic acne and she's been on a million antibiotics since she was a little kid. Best of luck and I'll keep you all in my prayers! <3



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                      Ohhhhh @g8rbeckie!!! I'm so sorry to hear your son is going through this.
                      I sincerely hope some relief comes soon for him.
                      ---------- WENDY ----------


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                        I work for a facial plastic surgeon and we do Botox injections for migraines. It is usually a lifesaver for so many patients. Especially since so many of the migraine medications can make a person so groggy. Hope he is doing better!


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                          Thanks Ashley! actually that was one of the options we considered when he had his never-ending migraine, but elected instead to go through with the hospital treatment. I've read that botox is effective at prevention! thankfully since this episode he hasn't had a recurrence so we aren't there yet!