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Good gifts and bad gifts!

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  • Good gifts and bad gifts!

    I have been finishing up gift buying (and a bit of wrapping!) this week, and I have been chuckling to myself at a couple of the gifts I have bought and am convinced they will be loved and sometimes laughed at! I am also thinking back to some of the best gifts I have given and receved, and getting all nostalgic!

    One of the best gifts I have ever given, was a sock. It was a joke gift for my sister who had been going on and on about woollen socks, and so I chose a really garish blue, and kntted her a sock. I didn't have a pattern and couldn't really knit, so the end result was a slightly odd shape, and had a couple of small holes where I had dropped a stitch and not noticed until later. And because it had taken a while, I just knitted the one sock, and wrapped it up with a little label saying "Woollen sock" - in case she wasn't sure what it was when she opened it. Oh how I wish I had a picture (or video) of her opening her gift! It was a great moment, she was a bit uncertain, and then when she read the label she just started laughing! Perfect moment!

    This year, my siblings and I have all organised ourselves to give a joke to my Dad - who is otheriwse sooo hard to buy for! He like Cadburys Fuit & nut chocolate bars, so he usually gets a few of those for Christmas and a few paris of scoks too. This year, I spotted a pair of nutcracker socks, and mentioned to my siblings that I'd get those, and if someone else got him some socks with fuit on, then he'd have "fruit and nut" socks! We all love the idea so the 6 of us are all getting him socks with fruit or nuts, and will divide them all up so he has 3 paris of fruit and nut socks, with a fruit and nut bar in each. And we are hoping that he laughs when he opens them!

    How is your Christmas shopping going this year? Have you got a gift for someone that you are really pleased with? Or are you stuck for anyone? Have you been thinking about gifts you have given or received in the past? I'd love to hear all about it, and maybe snag an idea or two for people I am still thinking about!

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    I became aware of a gift my hubby got me this year. He had it stashed in the guest room closet and I found it accidentally.... It's a cotton candy making machine and I am so excited. (I love cotton candy). I didn't let on that I found it and I will act appropriately surprised upon opening it Christmas morning....woo-hoo, I can't wait.

    This will be the first Christmas with my mom living with us. She has her own little apartment with a small kitchen and does all of her own cooking. She eats a lot of microwavable meals,so I made her up 5 meals of her favorite dishes of mine and froze them.... I got her a bunch of other stuff too, but I somehow know she's gonna love the homemade microwavable meals the most.

    As far as worst gifts go...growing up, we were allowed to open one gift on Christmas eve (this was after we quit believing in Santa) ... One year when I was about 10 I chose a gift and Mom immediately suggested I select a different one... she point blank told me I wasn't going to be happy, but I was stubborn and wanted it anyway.... My brother opened his gift first and it was an album he so desperately wanted (The Beatles: Abbey Road). He was still dancing around the room when I opened mine... It was underwear! I cried and begged Mom to allow me to open another gift which she promptly declined (after all, she did warn me!). Fortunately, on Christmas morning I saw a new bike waiting for me and the underwear fiasco was long forgotten!


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      That is so funny Donna! New underwear was always a staple in our Christmas stockings growing up, but it doesn’t really compare with a Beatles album!

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    I can't wrap my head around the fact that Christmas is in 5 days. I have dropped so many balls this year, that I can't possibly catch up or pull off anything short of giving cash.

    As for a perfect gift, one year my niece was obsessed with these little stuffed kittens at the local craft store, so I went and bought one of each of them and gave her a box of cats. She was in heaven, and I loved seeing how happy she was.
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      Christmas is here! We gave my Dad his socks yesterday and let him open them, and he chuckled and laughed and shook his head muttering “you crazy kids do make me laugh!” - it was great! He vows he will wear them as odd socks, and not pair them up as well!

      hope you had a lovely Christmas!


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        we had company from 12/19 through Jan 5th.

        but it went pretty well! we had christmas with both sides of the family, baked cookies several times, and celebrated new years with some friends we don't see nearly enough.

        As for presents - My dad is a big guy and he's been watching those Duluth Trading ads for men's underwear for years and always says he wants some. So this year I got him a pair! They're giant blue "tightie whities" lol. He was really excited. I got my mom a lot of stuff because she picked a new hobby - embroidery. She paper scrapbooks and loves to garden but it's harder for her to get out in her yard so she wanted to try something new. My hubby got me a Dyson vacuum which I AM SO HAPPY ABOUT!

        but I'm back at work now, and I'm ok with that! I love my job actually, and i'm really excited for what we're working on this year. So it was nice being off for a long time but it's good to be back into the work/school routine too!


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          wow Beckie, you had guests for a while!! But it sounds like you had a really lovely Christmas and New Year - and that you got the perfect gift for your Dad and Mum (as well as receiving the perfect gift for you!).