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Completely new, need shop explained, please

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  • Completely new, need shop explained, please

    Hello, I have been tempted to buy a few kits in your shop, but there are things that don't make a lot of sense to me. Please, somebody explain. Here is my problem, I am looking at Cornelia designs bundles. I have been around the block a few times, scrapping digitally for 14 years, so not entirely new, just to this site. So, the bundles. They are great because they are usually marginally or very much cheaper than the sum of their parts. But in your shop the kit is 8 and the cards are 3 (regular price) and the bundle (which claims it has a kit and the cards) is 12 (regular price)... I make it there is something else in there worth a dollar? No? It is the same with the sale prices. So, okay, avoid bundles I suppose. Or is there a magical invisible to me ingredient in the bundle that I am missing. I am very curious. Thanks.

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    I'll alert Cornelia to let her know about your question. Are you talking about the Sparkle and Shimmer kit/collection?


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      Omg I'm so sorry this happend - normally my card packs contain 10 cards in 3 versions, so I make them 4$, but this time I skipped the 3 versions and forgot when I did the collection, that its supposed to be 1$ lower

      and for pricing, on the new release day, they are all 30% off like all new releases, so nothing special there, but afterwards, the kit will be 1$ cheaper and the collection 25% off wholetime


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        From now on, zinzilah will be called Eagle Eye! Great job catching it!!


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          thank you, now I get it, it makes much more sense, it's just that it was my first time visiting the shop, and I couldn't quite understand.


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            zinzilah - ask any questions you like - and the ones you did here ... well, it helps us provide the best experience for the digital scrapper! And may I say ... WELCOME!