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Teacher gifts @ Christmas

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  • Teacher gifts @ Christmas

    I'm wondering if anyone else gives their children's teachers gifts before winter/Christmas break (and not just for Teacher Appreciation Week). If you do, what do you usually give? And if you're a teacher, what's the best gift to receive?

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    I typically do Christmas gifts. In the past I have done tubs of Nestlé Toll House cookie dough, glass stars, personalized pencil holders, and lots of gift cards.


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      We do teacher gifts every year. I'm about to panic because I haven't decided on anything this year! In the past, we've done candy, ornaments, cups, and gift cards. I can't remember right off what else.
      As a teacher, gift cards are awesome! Coffee mugs with candy, I have a ton! But I honestly really appreciate anything! I don't get gifts from students very often. I think that once they reach high school, they just don't give teacher gifts much. But I get the kids have more teachers, so it gets a little pricey


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        we give gifts to teachers at Christmas and at the end of the school year, but usually most of the parents contribute and buy a larger gift/gift card - I've been the parent rep for a few years and so the buyer (we bought tickets to Harry Petter studios for one teacher, tickets to "chocy-woccy-doo--da" for another), but usually gift cards. This year I just paid my contribution, and am happy to call it done!

        I don't think people buy gifts for secondry school teachers here either (too many different teachers?!), my eldest does write a card to all the teachers she likes, and she bought her form tutor a chocolate bar last year.


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          We give our teachers a papa Murphy gift card. I take the mini murph boxes & cut vinyl that says "you are a supreme teacher" then apply that to the box & tape the gift card inside. It's fun & so far we haven't had duplicate teacher's!