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Thanksgiving games?

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  • Thanksgiving games?

    Does anyone plan for games on Thanksgiving? I try to have a couple 'Minute to Win It' style games for Christmas, but haven't planned anything for Thanksgiving... BUT, I did buy some Thanksgiving Photoshoot Props to have on hand for fun and funny photos! (leave it to the scrapbooker, am I right?)

    Anyone else do stuff like this for holiday get togethers?

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    No games here unless we pull out some traditional board games. We are having a very small gathering at our home this year. 5 adults and the baby. I'm kind of looking forward to having it low key.


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      Ours is going to be low key too... mine are the youngest that will be there, and they are 15 and 17... it's interesting how it all evolves and changes throughout the years <3 Happy Thanksgiving!

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    We have got some games plaaned for a family gathering around Christmas time, and I just saw the other day a game that looks fun. There is a big tic tac toe "board" marked out on the wall with tape, and then 2 teams who one at a time run up and place an X or O on the beard and then run beack before the next person runs up with their x or o. It look slike it would be fun and suitable for everyone age group! (too late for thanksgiving, but you could play it with turkeys and pumpkins or something!).