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good flapjack recipes?

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  • good flapjack recipes?

    does anyoe have a good flapjack recipe? I have a hankering for flapjack, and I know that they are easy to make, but the couple of recipes I have tried have been very disappointing, so does anyone have a good tried and tested recipe?! Pretty please!!

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    whatever recipe you choose, whip the egg whites first and then gently fold them into the batter to get the pancakes nice and fluffy.

    I've got a fantastic recipe for crepes, or (gluten free) buckwheat crepes....but that's not what you're looking for today.


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      eggs in flapjacks? I think they make em different over here! Flapjacks are made mostly of butter, syrup and oats - for a soft and chewy but filling snack! Buckwheat crepes sound interesting though, buckweat seems pretty handy stuff!


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        Here flapjacks are pancakes!

        I have a great recipe for paleo “breakfast cookies”. They have tons of protein and very little sugar.

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        Yep, flapjacks over here are definitely not pancakes! Lol!

        I like the sound of paleo breakfast cookies, if you are happy to share the recipe I'd love to try them
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      My hubby makes homemade pancakes for the kids at least once a week- he uses my old betty crocker cookbook recipe- this one here


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        I think perhaps what I am after is Breakfast bars?